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2006 Reunion

L to R: Karl Nease, Lois Morgan, Bill Morgan, Greg Lindstrom

L to R: Al Gebauer, Karen Cady, Ann Gebauer

Judy Mansur and Sandy Johnson-Oliver

L to R: Ed Pickett, Paul Pickett, Debbie Hightower, Janice Jones

L to R: Jean Dettling, Jim Dettling, Roger Swift, Olive Swift

L to R: Marvin Howard, Leslie Howard, Garnett Howard

L to R: Jeff Cope, Dana, Helen Cope, Glenn Cope, Bob Cope

L to R: Andy Parliman, Becky Thrift-Parliman, Clem Thrift, Kathryn Thrift

L to R: John McGauley, Barbara Boorman, Al Boorman

Debbie and Jerry Hightower

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