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At 3:06pm Friday, June 9, 1944, at berth 12 of the United States Naval Station (Algiers) in New Orleans, Louisiana, T.W. Hessleman, Captain, U.S. Naval Reserve, representing the Commandant of the Eighth Naval District, placed the USS HOLT in full commission. On commissioning the ship was turned over to her Commanding Officer, Victor Blue, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Naval Reserve.

Available here is the actual video of the commissioning ceremony narrated by Bill Morgan. RealVideo or Windows Media

USS HOLT gangway Officers
L-R: Lt. Cmdr. Victor Blue, Capt. T.W. Hessleman, Lt. B. Anderson
Crew Crew
L-R: Lt. Cmdr. Victor Blue, chaplain, A.D. Defoe (from Defoe Shipbuilding)