This site is an effort to collect any and all information, photographs, stories of personal experiences, etc. that relate to the USS HOLT DE-706. Anyone that would like to contribute is welcome to do so. Please help make this an interesting site for all and a memorable site for former crews, their families, and their descendants.

My name is Jeff Cope, the webmaster of this site. My father, Glenn Cope, served on the USS HOLT and after visiting a Destroyer, a bigger ship, I gained total respect for him and the men that served in the Navy during WWII. When I first built a plastic model of the USS HOLT I found it difficult to find information about it. When the Internet became popular, information was still scarce on the ship.

I attended the 2002 USS HOLT reunion with my parents and had a great time. That was when I decided something must be done to get a website up and running for the USS HOLT. What you see here is the result tweaked a couple times over the years.

I especially would like to thank Bill Morgan who provided many of the items on this website and for his dedication while alive to start and continue the reunions of the USS HOLT.

Through the request of Bill, I wrote a book about the USS HOLT. Unfortunately he never saw his request fulfilled while alive, but the book is done and all the crew and family members did enjoy it.

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