1991 Reunion

Flagship Hotel
Galveston, TX
May 8 – 10, 1991

The USS HOLT (DE-706) met for the first time in more than 25 years on May 8-11, 1991 in Galveston, Texas. The first reunion, in 1964, produced only 18 shipmates. This latest one had 15% of the total crew. In addition, we had 24 wives and guests.

Front Row (L to R); George Burke (S1c), Herb Simpson (FC2c), Don Fredette (GM3c), Fred Davis (MM3c), Bill Morgan (QM2c), Jay Decker (F1c)
Middle Row (L to R): Bill Thornton (WT1c), Fred Lear (GM1c), John Steinhauser (PHM2c), Phillip Corriher (S1c), Arch West (LT), Bayard Stout (QM3c), Chartie Darling (S1c), Evan Wright (LT)
Back Row (L to R): Jim Dettling (EM1c), Howard Easthouse (F1c), Leonard Thompson (Y2c), Kari Nease (M1c), Al Gebauer (GM2c), Paul Pickett (EM2c), Harry Helgeson (RDM2c), Charlie Copeland (ENS), “Oak” Ramsey (F1c), Charlie Chavis (LTJG), Walter Johnson (MMR3c), Bob DeAngelis (F1c), Frank Shepherd (SC1c), Ralph Parks (MM2c), Howard Beck (EM3c), Clem Thrift (EM3c), Bill Mooney (S1c)