2002 Reunion

Marriott Hotel
Jacksonville, FL
April 24 – 28, 2002

In wheelchair in middle of photo: Randolph Cowart
From left to right: Bill Morgan, Al Bogan, John McGauley, Paul Pickett, Glenn Cope, Al Gebauer, “Doc” Steinhauser, Don Fredette, Bob Hoover, Al DeHart, Al Boorman, Karl Nease, Garnett Howard, Bob Schieferstin, George Burke, Oak Ramsey, Jay Decker.
Note: Not present when photo taken: Jim Dettling and Bob Cooper
2002 Wives

From left to right: Lois Steinhauser, Helen Cope, Jeri Pickett, Mary Ann McGauley, Lois Morgan, Sallie DeHart, Olive Swift, Jean Meehan, Ann Gebauer, Ellen Hoover, Edie Sutherland, Barbara Boorman, Evelyn Bogan, Joan Decker, Gay Burke.

2002 Children and Grandchildren
Children and Grandchildren

From left to right: Randy Cowart, Cindy Cowart, Jeff Cope, Ramona Cowart-Smith, Leslie Howard, Lile Anderson, Debbie Hightower, Kathleen Bogan, Rod Sutherland, Judi Allen, Roger Swift, Sandy Oliver, Jamie Shirkey, Carrie Sutherland, Terry Sutherland, Mary Sutherland, Brenda Wolfe, Lisa Orciuch, Judy Mansur, Cheryl Orciuch

The reunion in Jacksonville was a great success. We had a total of 65 in attendance, which was more than we had in Hampton, VA two years earlier.

Events seemed to flow better this time. The hotel accommodations were very good. The tours went off without any problems. We did not get any complaints about the food at the banquet and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. All this made for a good time.

The tour of the USS BOONE (FFG 28) at Mayport was very interesting. A frigate is the nearest thing to a destroyer escort the Navy has these days. I forgot the length of the ship, but her beam was 62 feet…almost twice the width of the HOLT. The ship’s firepower is awesome and she can attain a speed of 30 knots on one screw. Maneuvering is made easier by an autopilot and bow and stern thrusters. The Navy sure has changed.

The next day we toured St. Augustine, a charming old city dating back to the early Spanish settlers. After a good lunch and a tour of the local chocolate factory (samples were very tasty), we returned to our hotel.

The last day, Saturday, there were no planned activities, which gave everyone an opportunity to loaf by the pool, visit downtown Jacksonville, play golf, or visit in the hospitality room. We had a photo session prior to the banquet. No professional photographer, but a host of good amateurs!

At the banquet, Rod Sutherland, son of Donald Sutherland (Sonarman 2/c), presented this poem:

The USS HOLT 706
What a machine
What a ship.
The japs tried to sink her in 1944
But she kept fighting
From shore to shore.
A lot of sailors died
During that conflict –
But 706 stood tall –
Thru the thin & thick.
The crew, they were quite a group –
They once told stories
Of a monkey in some soup.
There was Bill –
There was Jay –
There was Doc –
And many more –
But it was Dad
Who was my favorite
Hero in that war.
Well, that’s the story
Of the USS HOLT.
Let’s not forget –
The history that she wrote.

     — Rod Sutherland, April 2002